Build Your Play Inc. follows our passion to put your ideas into playground, designed and craft in Canada with sustainable materials. We offer online-design tools that empower ease of designing to create more affordable playground for everyone’s backyard.


First time it become Online!  You can design your own playground by choosing each parts by yourself , you can control the price and the size by yourself. So let’s start design one here!  

Under Construction

5 Steps to build your

1. Fill in your safety area that you have ( size is meter x meter )
Choose your fun area to set up your playground, please note that for your safety we will need to have 2 meters available for falling space for each side of the playground. Sample: If you have area of 6 m x 8 m. , please fill in space 6 m x 8 m. When you design your playground , the size of playground should be around 2 m x 4 m. Please also fill in your information so we can send you the finish photo for your playground, together with our quote for the project.
2. Pick your parts!
Please pick your fun parts from the categories that we provided, for each option that you do not want, just select none. You can change colors and parts as you like, please click finish when you got your dream playset
3. Online build
Please allow the system to generate the finish photos.
4. Send to us & get quote
Send us your desire & get your quote soon!

3D Model Sample



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